How to Write a Persuasive Essay: Tips from the Experts

If there were no essays in students’ life, studies would probably get boring. And students, on their part, would probably be happier. For good or for ill, but essays are the most frequently assigned task that causes a lot of troubles.

However, essays were not invented to make students’ life unbearable. They are called to polish writing skills, sharpen critical thinking and improve the language.

This is where persuasive essay fulfills all the functions mentioned. Usually, it touches on some acute issue making the writer take a particular side and convince readers that it’s right.
Below are the main points about how to write a persuasive essay:

  • Select a topic you feel confident about. Then decide what side you will take. It should be the point that can generate many persuasive arguments;
  • Get to know your audience better. Before you start writing argumentative essay, learn how the audience feels about the topic you are going to discuss. This knowledge will help your craft powerful arguments;
  • Make the most convincing points. Write them in advance to use later in a text;
  • Organize your paper. Naturally it should consist of attention-grabbing introduction, several paragraphs, and conclusion;
  • Insert your arguments in every paragraph. Make you story logical using linking words between passages. Make sure that every argument you give matches the core statement of the essay.

However, even with tips, few students can cope with persuasive essays. If you are among those for whom writing persuasive essays is a daunting task can help you make it your bellowed assignment.

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