Suggested Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Argumentative research paper topics should be chosen attentively. You should frame the issue in a form of a debatable statement. Before you come up with your topic, you are recommended to articulate your sphere of interest and define your position on it.

Research paper topics could be formulated as your thesis statement. If you are looking for fresh ideas, you can look through the web, magazines, newspapers, and TV to find some potential variants.

You can look for some topics for research papers in the web by just googling them until you find something that might be useful. If you don’t have to waste your time, consider some topics listed below.

The best research paper topics for students

These are the best research paper topics that are easy to research. There is a plenty of materials on them in the Internet, so you will find enough information to conduct a strong paper on any of the following topics:

  • Do we need to develop an Internet censorship?
  • Is it ethical to use death row inmates instead of animals for medical testing?
  • Should all schools and colleges adopt school uniform policy?
  • Mature content in novels for high school students. Should we allow it?
  • The problems of euthanasia in different cases
  • Are classroom grades effective in terms of education?
  • Cell phones while driving: why they should be banned?
  • Computers and learners: do they help or distract?
  • Legalizing marijuana as a medical drug or for other purpose?
  • Genetically modified products: can we use them before we conducted a further research to see if they can have a negative effect on us?
  • Gay marriage should be legalized (banned)
  • Homeschooling vs. public schooling
  • Drug tests in the workplace violate privacy rights

These topics are pretty common, but you always can pick one of them.

Topics for research papers you should avoid

You should not write a paper on the topics that refer to tastes, recreation and fashion. Like these:

  • Hip-hop is not a real music
  • Football players’ salaries are too high
  • Basketball is more difficult than baseball
  • Diets without physical training never work
  • Skateboarding is the best way to spend your free-time
  • Professionalism could be achieved only if you have a natural-born talent

These topics are too subjective and could not be a theme for analysis or research.