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Rosacea is a persistent skin condition that causes flaking, redness, acne, and cracks in the skin. When the skin starts cracking, you will need to go on antibiotics to clear up your face. Rosacea is a condition though that you can also use topical treatments for. We will be exploring the topical treatments you need for this skin condition down below.

For Your Facial Acne

Your face is the first place that you will notice your rosacea. If you start getting acne, it could be due to rosacea. You should always get a diagnosis. For the acne, you will have to use a topical to treat it. You can use Benzamycin or Differin. Benzamycin should only be used on the spots. You have to keep the cream in the fridge in order for it to keep its effectiveness. The cream is a mix between benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin. This is why the name is a combination of the two. You can get this prescribed by the doctor. On the same vein, Differin is a vitamin A derivative. It can help with your skin texture as well. You should spot treat this unless you are advised by your doctor.

A Skin Care Regime for Your Face

The rosacea on the face that you get will probably be the most damaging. It can lead to feeling really bad about yourself. You can look like you’re aging before your time with all the deep cracks. For a cleanser, you will want to use something gentle. The secret to my success with rosacea is to use Aveeno Ultra-Calming Cleanser. I have tried extremely expensive cleansers, and they all irritate my skin. I find with Aveeno there are less ingredients to make me react. Even so, it’s not really perfect. You will probably find that you can never get it quite right with cleansers. If you are having a rosacea outbreak, and you will know, then you can try the no-touch method.

The no-touch method is comprised of not doing anything at all until your skin heals. You will be on anti-biotics at this time. You should try to avoid moisturizers. If you want a moisturizer, then use a thin layer of petroleum jelly after wetting your face. My dermatologist says that it’s the most hypo-allergenic substance out there. Virtually no one is allergic to it.

Then, once you have healed, you can try creams. You should go for creams that are for intolerant skin. Again, for me French creams have worked the best. I like the ones with mineral water from springs in them, like Avene. Everyone will have a different reaction to creams. That’s why there are so many on the market. It would make an interesting study to see why people’s acid mantles and their skin composition is so different.


Rosacea can be scary, but it can be controlled through a regimen. There is a lot on the market to counteract the skin condition. You will be feeling as good as new in no time.